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Oct 15, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. >> thank you. >> mr. leno? >> let me also thank both leagues for bringing us together today and also it is a real pleasure to be here with miss dillan who is a great respectful of her party and an activist in the community. as i think that most californians know that we have spent a lot of time dealing with the issue of pension reform for the public sector workers and i think that we have reached a point where we can going forward deal with pensions in a much more sustain able fashion so that we won't see cities in particular having upwards of 25, 30 percent of the general fund having to go to pension obligations. of course, those promises already made must legally be adhered to. i have also said in a lot of time in this past year, looking at private sector employees in publicly traded corporations, who have seen their benefits wiped out and in many cases actually stolen by top executives who are shifting significant amounts of money to their benefit at the expense of those workers. >> thank you, the time limits are tough, aren't they? >> the next question for mr. leno is state propo
Oct 10, 2012 8:30pm PDT
you. mr. leno. >> the 47 out of 50 states figure that miss dillan used is not in educational out comes it is in per pupil. we rank 47th. >> as a result we rank 50 as the number of counselors and the number of nurses in our schools and the number of libranias in. you get what you pay for. >> our state has been starved for cash for the past ten years as a result of tax cuts the state could not afford that the prior governor put on the credit cards. we need to provide significantly more funding not only through k-12 education which is the birth right of every child to be able to get a quality public education in my opinion and to be able to pursue the dream of a higher education and that is getting further and further out of the reach of children in california because the state does not support education. we need funding, we need to spend it on education. >> so, therefore, do you think that community colleges should perhaps change their focus? one idea is to focus on retraining unemployed workers and upgrading skills for new jobs. do you feel that the state should encourage this? and how?
Oct 17, 2012 5:00am PDT
of legislation come back to him on that subject and i would agree with that. >> mr. leno. >> i supported both of those bills with regard to the domestic workers' rights bill. we heard so many horror stories in the committee hearings. if you could imagine being in the employment and not being able to take the kinds of breaks for meals and for rest, even to have an 8-hour workday, it is a different kind of employment, so it is not as easily tailored to the kind of worker protection rights that we expect in every other industry. so it is a delicate and challenging subject. i would imagine that maniano will come back with a refined version of the bill working with the administration in hopes of getting a signature because it is not an issue that can be ignored. >> with regard to the trust act, the governor was specific in his veto message that he thought that the definition of non-violent crime needed to be further refined but certainly for those who are committing low-level crimes that the risk that they would have to be sent back to a country which means nothing to them at this point through th
Oct 15, 2012 9:00pm PDT
you the cards and first mr. leno. >> certainly, it is now in california, here in san francisco for the past 35 years. starting small businesses in 1978 and coming into public service in 1998. the 14 years that i have had the elective office have been a rare and privilege opportunity to serve, which i think is to be the best districts of the state of california, and the city and county of san francisco, this past couple of years in the sonoma county as well and going back and representing the west tip as well. and i want to continue to make sure that we have a strong government, strong and effective state government. and i have talked about the governor nans issue, making sure that we let the majority rule so that we don't have the kind of stall mates that we find currently where the minority party can block what the majority wants to do and so we can have the democracy. i make the point that we didn't become the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world by chance. we became so because for generations we taxed ourselves appropriately and invested in some of the best public structu
Oct 25, 2012 4:25am EDT
of president obama. paying a visit to the tonight show with jay leno, mr. obama took a moment to speak about the issue. >> rape is rape. it is a crime. a crime. and these distinctions don't make sense to me. >> reporter: mourdock is working to clarify the statement. >> i did not intend to suggest that god wants rape, that god pushes people to rape, that god wants to support or condone evil in any way because that goes against the strongest base of my faith. >> reporter: his democratic opponent joe donnelly called mourdock's comments hurtful for women. >> this controversy is not about pro-life. it is about mr. mourdock's words and his continuation of extreme positions. his words were extreme but maybe as important, hurtful to survivors of sexual abuse. >> reporter: mitt romney has disavowed mourdock's comment but continues it stand by his endorsement. his campaign has released a political ad in support of mourdock and signaled the ad will continue to run. mitt romney has not spoken publicly about mourdock's controversial comment. >>> we still have plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4: 4:
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
candidate richard mourdock has caught the president obama. paying a visit to the tonight show with jay leno, mr. obama took a moment to speak about the rich. >> rape is rape. it is a crime. and so these distinctions about rape and -- capitol make too much sense to me. don't make any sense to me. the second thing this underscores is this is exactly why you don't want a bunch of politicians, mostly male, making decisions about women's health care decisions. >> mourdock is working to clarify the comment suggesting the statement he made was taken out of context. >> it i did not intend that god wants to support or condone evil in any way because that goes against the strongest base of my faith. >> reporter: his democratic opponent called his comment hurtful to women. >> this controversy is not about pro-life. it is about mr. mourdock's words and his continuation of extreme positions. ies word were extreme but maybe as important hurtful to survivors of sexual abuse. >> reporter: mitt romney has disavowed mourdock's comment but continues to stand by his endorsement. his campaign has released a pol
Oct 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
's schedule wednesday was los angeles. mr.obama was on the tonight show with jay leno. the president weighed in on comments made by a candidate about rape and abortion. president said rape is rape and is a crime. he questioned why politician continue to be concerned with making decisions about women's health issues. >>> a reminder about our election show here on fox 5. tune in to fox 5 news at 6:30 weeknights to get your political fix. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 starts every night at 6:30 and focuses on local and national candidates and issues. it runs until election day. >>> and next week, maryland's senate candidates will debate live on fox 5 morning news. mor that is next wednesday, october 31st starting at 9:00 a.m. if you have a question for one. candidates, you can send it to senate debate at >>> a piece of history uncovered. up next, the oldest playable recording of an american voice and history's first ever recorded blooper. >>> a neighborhood battle gone out of control. the morbid halloween display that has some neighbors freaked out and upset. here is a clue. it invo
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Oct 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
trump's very generous proposal. mr. president take the money you can redistribute the donald's wealth. the president tells jay leno which school subject it is that is his achilles heal. it explains his $6.04-year spending spree. >> transparency and the word of law will be the tone of this president. >> donald trump offers him $5 million for a charity of his choice in exchange for his passport and records. he is silent. he has something to hide something against charity? i suggest mr. president take the $5 million and you can redistribute the wealth of donald trump's money. with reaction we talk about the co-teachers host of the five kimberly guilfoyle and eric foley. the fact that the media was so in attack mode against donald trump makes me like him more. his college transcripts applications passport records and applications $5 million to charity for kids. i am like, why would any one be against that? why was the president just dismiss that. >> only if you are a mean spirited person that doesn't want to be charitable. he loves other people's money. >> cheap skate joe biden doesn't gi
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Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
for the president. he's going on jay leno. [applause] >> and the crowd roars. what's so funny, mr. president? donald trump will be here to react to that decision to go on the late night show. >> and these marlin fishermen. they won't be telling the story about the one who got away. look at that! now that's a fish out of water. >> and he's got a toward on his >> "fox and friends," hour two, starts receipt now! >> wow, i can't believe it. the last pregame show before the big debate. the unscripted portion of this elected season, and it's been more than -- it's on lived up to the hype we put into it. >> they have been game changers. >> looking forward to it tonight and then it's two weeks until election day. >> bob schaefer right there and two people at the table. will they be as rude to each other? >> they won't be able to pace back and forth and come to fist and cuffs. >> well, they can. >> but they are going to have to turnaround and face each other, and they are so close. i'm wondering if it's going to be like leiberman-cheney or like biden-ryan? >> that's a good point because boyden was able to do
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Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for an appearance with yea leno, later tonight, followed by an interview with mtv -- oh, and he gets on the gossip magazine, "us weekly" and two days with brian williams. excuse me, mr. president, shouldn't you be a little more concerned about keeping americans safe and maybe telling the truth about benghazi? here with the reaction, what the bleep just happened author, monica crowley, and juan williams. but there is no time for b.b. netanyahu, because when he meets with him, he has to meet with 10 other heads of state. >> no wonder there was no time to attend almost half of his intelligence briefings. look, we know what the president's priority is here. it is not governing and national security. it's energizing the base. that's why you see him on the urban radio shows and you see him doing jon tour the and pimp with a limp, mobilizing the kids and mobilizing the minorities. by the way, if he is worried about mobilizing the base, he has a big problem. >> gee, why does romney come on fox so often-- >>> not often enough, juan. we want him more. >> we want him more. but why does mitt romney go on kell
Oct 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of this election campaign, the president has conducted sit-down interview was jay leno and brian williams in between a nonstop schedule of swing state campaigning. mitt romney is similarly racing back and forth across the country conducting interviews with nobody. yes, mr. romney's campaign is indicating to reporters that he and paul ryan are done with answering those questions, but if you want to be president of this great country, then it may not be possible to avoid questions on the most explosive story of the day, even in a diner. >> governor -- >> which way are we going? >> governor, do you disavow mourdock's comments. >> joining us from washington is david corn, the man mitt romney can thank for breaking the 47% story, and michael scherer, correspondent for "time" whose story about why ohio will decide the election is in the latest issue. isn't mr. romney doing the right thing in wearing a burqa in front of the media because if he answers any questions about richard mourdock it's a short way to his ryan's position? >> i think the romney campaign would be wise to invest a lot of mone
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Oct 24, 2012 10:00am PDT
, colorado. then onto tape an appearance on the "tonight show" with jay leno. governor romney also hitting up crucial swing states today. going into reno, nevada this afternoon. as the two candidates make speeches, look at how the governor has managed. mr. romney had a 36% likability rating in april. look at that today. 49.3%. now come, he is less than half a percentage point between himself and obama on that. stirewalt is a digital power and turn news editor. and also host a power play. what do you think of this, chris? reporter: not that. he has been called both a vampire and the other that you mentioned. just to be fair. he said that he is like a vampire that suck the blood out of a company. for mitt romney, the big thing was never going to be likability. it was going to be favorability. favorability means acceptable that people find you okay. he delivered a very good performance in the first unsteady performances in the second of every people said i am okay with mitt romney. megyn: the interesting thing is that we spend so much time discussing those advertisements. the bain capital stuff,
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)